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Systemic Structural Constellations with Doris Landauer

Workflow of a Constellation in Pictures

Preliminary talk in the group
The client (green jacket) gives a brief outline of her issue in the group. The constellation facilitator (Doris Landauer, yellow jacket) decides on the constellation format and – in cooperation with the client – on the system elements (e.g. in a family structural constellation these would be die client her/himself, her parents and single siblings; in an organisation structural constellation these would be single divisions, the work climate or the market).

Selection of representatives
According to these selected system elements the client chooses representatives from the group. As a substitute for herself (in this constellation) she selects the male, standing in the foreground.

Selection of representatives
The client asks the female wearing the light blue pullover to stand as “the goal”.

Guiding of the first representative
The client guides her representative into the constellation space. The constellation guide facilitates this finding process by leading the client’s rational attention towards bodily pictorial analogous thoughts, using trance language and voice. Group members not chosen for a role (white jacket) contribute to the positive development through their empathy.

Guiding of other representatives
The other system elements are then guided into the room by the client. From now on she watches the constellation process from outside.

Questioning of each representative
The constellation facilitator questions the representative of the goal on the differences she has perceived since she had been chosen and led to this place.

Supporting hand in "cataleptic posture"
For support, the constellation guide holds her own hand in “cataleptic posture” behind the back of the representative, giving her the impression to be backed by another person.

Questioning of representatives
Obviously, the representatives are not quite happy on their places. The constellation facilitator continues to question them.

The mood has improved
Due to the feed back from the representatives the facilitator has inserted further system elements and questions them on changes in their perception. It is plain to see that the mood has already improved – people are already smiling.

Process work
The focus gets in contact with two system elements; he is deeply impressed by them. The constellation guide, again, facilitates this process by using the “cataleptic hand posture”.

The client steps in
The constellation is about to come to an end. The client is facing the focus to learn the findings he has gathered. This can be accomplished through intense eye contact or by holding each other’s hands, as in this case.

The client is allowing the solution arrangement to sink in
The client has taken over her own place from the focus. The constellation facilitator advises her in how she can let the new system take effect in her daily life. As a reminder she may use a certain gesture.

Videos (German Sound)

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Video: Questioning of the focus
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Video: Interexchange between the client and her focus
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Video: The constellation facilitator is giving advice to the client
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