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Systemic Structural Constellations with Doris Landauer

Selected Examples

The following examples may sound unbelievable though, but do correspond to the actual experience of the clients, who agreed with these descriptions.

A man – very successful in his profession – felt that he have oriented his life exclusively after the wishes of others. After passing university – a wish of his father – he took over the enterprise of his father in law. Now the client found out that his life up to now brought lots of wealth and honour but only little plenitude. After the constellation he could dedicate more for art.

A young woman suffered from frequent encounters with exhibitionists and her fears extended to a point where she already avoided lonesome streets even during day light. With a constellation of the hidden subject the client was enabled to appreciate the subject hiding behind the problem. The content of this cause stayed unknown. This constellation was set up in 1997 and the client no more contact with exhibitionists (with only single exeption immediately after the constellation).

A woman had been suffering from chronicle urethritis for 20 years. In a constellation based on the three important values of beliefs a very old subject raise up, which could be transformed during the constellation process, the content of the subject stayed unidentified. The constellation took place 1998 and the client has had no further urethritis.

A woman complained to live a life as a „poor devil“ (although her energy obviously spread out). She had lots of professional ideas, but she could not set the necessary decisions and flinched their realization. During a problem constellation a big obstacle showed up. This obstacle was transformed with the process work to a empowering resource.

A young woman was unable to decide weather she wanted to tend toward her artistic ambitions or to a well-situated life style. A tetra lemma constellation led her toward a “both”, which she did not accept before as a satisfying solution. She always thought to be obliged to decide. Further on she remained with her commercial job and defined art as her hobby.

A woman had not had a partner for years but longed for one. A family constellation showed up patterns, which she obviously has taken over. The client recognized it and could loosen them.

A successful man wanted to abandon his job and the ambitious projects associated with it. Instead of his uninspiring commercial work he wanted to become a spiritual consultant. In a constellation of the hidden subject he perceived, that both goals were compatible. He could well combine his consulting work with his job further on.

Like her mother a woman suffered from problems with her right knee. In a body structural constellation she was able to discover and solve old family patterns. One and a half year later “the knee” was doing quite well.

For examples from companies, see Organisation Consulting

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