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Doris Landauer,
Enthusiastic about constellations since 1989; conductor of constellation education courses

Systemic Structural Constellations with Doris Landauer

About Me

Psychologist, Trainer, Coach
Born 1955

Completed Education

1980 – 1986 Master's degree in psychology from University of Vienna; master’s thesis advised by Werner Herkner, “Psychological Consequences of Unemployment”

1990 – 1995 Advanced Master Practitioner at ÖTZ-NLP (Austrian Training Center for Neurolinguistic Programming) with Brigitte Gross, Siegrid Schneider-Sommer, Peter Schütz, Helmut Jelem

1997 – 2000 First Austrian graduate of the complete SySt curriculum (Institute for Systemic Education, Further Education and Research) in Munich (with Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kibéd), 90 days of seminars throughout 4 years, diploma thesis: “Systemic Structural Constellations” (in German)

1999 – 2002 Organisation consultancy and organisation development in a comprehensive specific curriculum, with trainers Margit Oswald, Fritz Glasl, Barbara Heitger, Herbert Wabnegg, Ulrich Königswieser, Reinhard Bacher, Gunther Schmidt

Further Training

1991 – 1993 Management course at the Federal Administration Academy in Vienna (five weeks) with Gudrun Vater, Ernst Domayer, and Richard Timel

2000 Change management course at the “Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg” in Hernstein (10 days) with Barbara Heitger, Frank Boos, and Heinz Jamal

Solution focussed short-time therapy with Steve de Shazer (USA), Insoo Kim Berg (USA), Gale Miller (USA)

Neurolinguistic Programming with Joanne Riou (Canada), Robert Dilts (USA), Robert McDonald (USA)

Systemic consultancy, family constellations, Erickson’s Hypno Therapy with Siegfried Essen (Austria), Bert Hellinger (Germany), Stephan Gilligan (USA), Gunther Schmidt (Germany)

Non-violent Communication with Marshall B. Rosenberg (USA)

Professional Career

1974 – 1978 Career Counsellor

1978 – 1985 Clerk at the Austrian Employment Service

1985 – 1995 Professional head manager for development of the internal IT solution at the Austrian Employment Service

since 1995 Division manager at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection

since 1995 Trainings, personal development seminars, coaching, supervision, and organisation consultancy, working self-employed as a sideline

since 2000 Courses and further educational seminars of systemic structural constellations for organisation consultants and managers

since 2004 Trainer for Systemic Structural Constellations at Organos and BÖP (Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists)

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